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We'd ask a few questions to give us a better understanding of your specific needs. We take every detail very seriously and will implore you to be as specific and detailed as possible.

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Do you have the components required to installation

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Are there facilities to move the item or is this to be provided ?

When was the Item last serviced?

One month ago

How old is the item?

A year old

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To complete the booking of this service, you are required to pay a call-out fee deductible from the total cost for service. 

By submitting your request and making this payment, Homefix will do the following.
  1. Allow you to be able to upload photos or video of the issue
  2. Assign a CSA to Your Job 
  3. Send a Technician to the location to diagnose the issue if not feasible remotely 
  4. Commence a diagnosis of the exact problem 
  5. Cover the first 1 hour of the technician's cost  (Terms and conditions applies).
  6. Where we proceed with the actual repair work, this initial payment will be deducted from your final bill
Please note:
  • Every effort will be made to ensure you are not disturbed unnecessarily by our agent. We may however need you to provide further details online or over the phone, to assist us with prompt diagnoses, and providing a quotation for the job.
  • All materials used for your work are from reliable sources and covered by our warranty protection